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What Questions Do Employers Want to Hear in an Interview?

What you ask or don’t ask may affect your future
面試官想聽到的問題 - 你詢問或沒問的問題,可能會影 響到你的未來.

Once you've received the call from an employer inviting you in for an interview, the real preparation begins. Prior to an interview, candidates should research the company so they can not only answer questions, but have questions ready to ask the hiring manager as well. 

The interview is where the job candidate and employer get to know each other. Think of it like dating. While a job interview is in a professional setting and the outcomes are different, the intentions are the same. You've exchanged information because you think there might be a connection, and now you're ready for your "first date." As much as you what to make a good first impression, the employer needs to make a good impression, too.

Just like a first date, you don't want one person to dominate the conversation and ask all the questions. It should be a balanced dialogue, and you  should ask questions that get to the heart of the matter. Who is this employer, and why should work for this company?

The right questions to ask
Alan Guinn, managing director and CEO of The Guinn Consultancy Group, works with employers every day. He recommends that recruiters listen for these 10 questions from job applicants to see if they've done their homework and truly want the position.

1. What' are some of the ways your company encourages teamwork?
2. We all know how important job satisfaction is to everyone. Is the company committed to promotion from within?
3. I love your published mission and values. How are these reflected in day-to-day life at the company? Can you share some examples?
4. If your son, daughter or a friend were looking for a job, would you recommend working for this company? Why?
5. What do you think distinguishes this company from its competitors both from a public and employee perspective?
6. How often do you speak with your C-level officers? When you do, what do they normally ask you? Do you ask for your opinion?
7. How does the company demonstrate a sense of pride in its employees?
8. Are there paid, ongoing learning opportunities offered at my level of job responsibility? What obligations do I have if I elect to take advantage of them?
9. What does the company expect in the way of personal and professional growth for a person hired into this position?
10. Does the company value a difference in work and personal time, or does it blur the responsibilities between the two?

Think about your goals first
Don't feel obligated to walk into the interview with a set number of questions, but these give you an idea of the right questions to ask. Also think of the questions in terms of your career and personal goals. If you're moving into a role with more responsibility, how will that affect what questions you ask? If you're starting a family soon, what do you want to know about the company's commitment to work/life balance?

Thoughtful planning and preparation for an interview will not only help you feel more confident but will also leave a great impression on the person interviewing you.

Grammar Gym:
"Think of it like dating,"
"Think of it like ( something ),"
Receiving a shot can be scary; think of it like getting a mosquito bite.
Cleaning your room can seem boring; think of it like playing a game.

Vocabulary Tips:
prior- before , prior to..., prior to do something. 在前的,在先的。
*Sean sold his car to a friend prior to his move to London.
*Prior to the surgery, the doctor had to get the patient's consent.
outcome - result. No one knows what outcome would be. 结果。
*Bob was satisfied with the outcome of the renovation of his house.自己房子装修得结果(很满意)。
*The outcome of the treatment needs to be assessed professionally.专业的评估
dominate- control, in charge.clearly winning over.... 主导,支配。
*The boss dominated the meeting, and no one dared to suggest anything.
*The basketball team successfully dominated the whole game and won!
the heart of the matter - get to the center, the most important point. 事情的实质,或是问题的核心。
"heart "- the center, the core. 中心,核心。
*Edward always gets to the heart of the matter in each discussion.问题的核心
*As usual, the heart of the matter is money and power.问题的核心是金钱和权力。
professional setting - not casual, very formal setting. professional office setting expect to dress formal to attend.
as much as ....- there is no limited, as many as....
dialogue - get the same amount of time to speak at the same level.
recruiter -people who are looking for people to work for them or join them.招募人员,招聘者。
*The recruiter came all the way from St. Louis just to meet Daniel.
recruit -招人,招聘,招募。
*The college only recruits students in the top 10% of their class.
applicant - who apply for job, or other benefit etc.申请者,应征者。
*All the applicants were required to submit English resumes.
apply -申请。
*Chelsea applied for Boston University.
distinguish - compare with others, and find the different.分辨。。。不同,使与众不同,使突出(凸出)
*Unpredictability distinguish this playwright from others.
*The boy learned to distinguish the sounds of different frogs.
distinguish (adj) - unique in a good way. 与众不同
* Someone is very distinguish. -Someone is very different, very unique in a good way.
competitor -compete each other. 竞争者,竞争对象。
*All our major competitors bid for the contract.
*Over 1000 competitors took part in the marathon.
consultancy - consult the problem or given help or advise.
do one's homework - not school work, it refer to spend time on research of something. or try hard to get more information of something you interested.
teamwork - people work together as a group.
C-level: people in a high rank, in charge of the company, at the top level.
sense of something - a feeling, a feeling of something. sense of humor. sense of study hard in English.
ongoing -continue.持续进行,或是不间断的。
*The negotiations of both companies are still ongoing after months.协商
*The ongoing news coverage of the scandal attracted a lot of attention.
blur - not clear.hard to tell the  difference.使模糊不清的,或是难以区分的。
blurry (adj)-模糊的。
*The heavy rain blurred his sight, so he drove very slowly.
*I think you're blurring the distinction between "means" and "ends". 。。模糊了“手段”和“目的”的不同。
in term of ... (something)- in connection with something, in relation of something. 就某方面而言。
term -条件,条款。
in terms of something -就某方面而言。
*In terms of quality, our products are unbeatable.
*In terms of a career, he's quite successful, but in terms of family, he's not.
thoughtful - considered, care. 深思熟虑,经过认真推敲过的,经过细心考量的。
thought -思想。
*Don went through thoughtful consideration before he decided to quit.
thoughtful -细心的。
*It's very thoughtful to ask me...
* It's a thoughtful question.
* How thoughtful of you!
*It was very thoughtful of you to call.
work/life balance -工作与日常生活的平衡。
leave an impression on ...- give someone an good memory when they think of you.留给人的印象
impression -印象。
*leave a good impression on...,
*leave a good impression on....,
*leave a bad impression on...
*leave a negative impression on...

Language Tips:
Research the company - go on the website to do some home work first about the company you are applying or get an interview. 去面试之前,要上网多做功课,仔细了解该公司。
Do you have any question for me? the worse answer will be below any of them: 当被问及有否问题时,最不该问的问题如下:
"What does your company do?" " Who's your competition? " "No, I don't have any question"
e-mail : 提供e-mail名称要够专业,够成熟,最好要有你的真实名字和资料。
"cute-mouse" -此类的e-mail名称,最好不要用在求职或正式的场合上。
Facebook -小心,留意你在社交网站所写的东西。不合适的可能会影响到公司应聘你。
turnover -翻转。
turnover rate -工作人员离职率。
*** 应聘人员可以提出有关该公司的人员离职率的问题。如果答案是没超过15% 是可以接受的,若是人员离职率过高,可能该公司本身有些基本上问题。

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Packing in Practice

Sometimes a well-packed bag takes a little practice!
練習打包 - 有時,要把行李打包好,還是需 要一點練習!

I was nearly in tears as I dragged my three pieces of luggage through the deep snow. I was cold, tired and embarrassed. My two classmates had a backpack and one piece of luggage each. I felt judged for bringing more. I was in Freiburg, Germany, hiking along cobblestone streets on my way to the university. This was the last part of a very long journey from  the U.S.

After landing first in Zurich, Swizerland, we made our way north to Germany. I carried my things up and down stairs, on and off trains. I squeezed myself onto crowded streetcars and elevators. We were staying at the University of Freiburg for just a semester. 

But I suspected that I'd packed enough for a year. I'd pack enough for a year. I'd barely arrived, and already I was wondering how I'd get my things home. When at last I got to my apartment, I frowned at my luggage. This was not going to happen again.

Confession time: I packed a lot of stuff when I travel. My goal is to take the minimum, but that rarely works out. Something in my mind cries, "Jo! You will need more jeans and shirts! Bring all the DVDs and books you own in case you get bored! Pack some knitting needles because you like to knit sometimes! Better pack a chess set so you can play with the new friends you make!" The packing goes downhill from there.

They say practice makes perfect, and I've had a lot of practice since Germany. That trip -my first abroad - was a difficult but valuable lesson. When I'm packing for a trip now, I remember how I felt then. I assume all my bags will be my responsibility. If I want to take something, am I willing to carry it everywhere? Usually the extras aren't worth the effort. There's nothing like stairs and crowded spaces to set your packing priority straight!

Grammar Tips:
"Better pack a chess set so you can play with the new friends you make!"
"better" = " you had better"
Better bring an umbrella because it might rain!
Better have some extra cash in case you want to buy something at a convenience store.

Vocabulary Tips:
luggage (not countable noun) -suitcase, baggage that you carry when you travel.(不可数名词)行李
a piece of luggage, two pieces of luggage, luggage no add "s" if more than one.
*Each passenger is allowed to carry one 25 kilo piece of luggage.
suitcase - (countable noun) - luggage, two suitcases,  one suitcase, five suitcases.(可数名词)行李
backpack (n) - pack is carrying on the back.背包。
*The boy's backpack is full of treats and game cards.
backpack (v)- carrying backpack.背上背包。
*We backpacked around Italy.背上背包旅游意大利
backpacker (n) - people who carrying a big backpack and travel from one place to another.背包客
suspect (v)- (重音在第二节)怀疑,推测。
*We suspected that Larry was stealing long  before we caught him.
suspect (n) -(重音在第一节)嫌疑犯。
*Photos of the suspect were posted everywhere.
frown (v) -not a happy feeling, feeling bad, feeling sad.担心不悦而皱眉,难过得。
*Reading her son's report card, Rita shook her head and frowned.
Frown at -对什么事而担心不悦而皱眉用"at"
*Ellen frowned at her messy kitchen.
frown (n) - I feel I am a frown.
turn that frown up side down - cheery up.
feel judged - get a feeling of someone may thinking of you in a negative way.
squeeze -try to make room in the situation that is full of people or stuff. squeeze lemon or orange to get some  juice out.
* Let me squeeze in my thought.
confession -tell the truth, tell people let them know. 自白,认罪。
*The suspect signed his confession.嫌犯在自白书签了字。
*The novel is actually the author's confession. 这本小说事实上是作者的自白。
confess (v) -认罪,承认。
* I confess I lose my temper very often.承认自己时常发脾气。
minimum -at least.  'mini' - very small,小的. 至少,最低的限度,最低值,最低的。
*A trip to the nearest hospital will take a minimum of one hour.去最近的医院最少要花上一个小时。
*He doesn't even reach the minimum height requirement of entering the police academy.
maximum - is opposite of minimum.最多
responsibility -take care, in charge.职责,责任。
*It's the responsibility of the person who leaves last to lock all the doors and windows.
*The kitchen is your responsibility this week.
priority - very important, first consideration.优先事项,最重要的。当务之急。
*If you set your priorities in order, you won't waste time.
*My priority in life is to take care of my kids.
set something priority straight.- put something first consideration.
top priority - first priority.
work out - succeed. didn't work.
downhill - not succeed, getting trouble to pack all in the luggage. Things are going bad.
worthwhile - very practical.
there's nothing like .- nothings are like .... There's nothing better like hot chocolate to get your body warm.

Language Tips:
packing light -打包轻省,行李轻便。(别打包过多的行李)。
packing light for many seasons :行李轻便的好处有:
lest headache - 少烦恼。
save frustration - 避免懊恼,沮丧。
extra mobility -更多一些行动能力。
flexibility -更富弹性。
save money - Some airline charges traveler's check-in luggage.省钱。
carry it everywhere - 多想想带着行李满街跑的不便,就不会 over-packed.
over-packed -超重, 超带,装的过多。

***To prove that your luggage is not over-packed, just carry your packed  luggage walk around the block 5 times,or lift it up for 10 minutes if you are not sweat or tired.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Daytona 500

Get ready for one of America’s biggest racing events!
極速賽車代托納五百 - 準備好迎接美國最盛大的賽車活 動之一!

On this day in 1948, William France and His friends officially formed NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Over 200,000 fans will gather this coming Sunday in Daytona Beach, Florida.
to watch the 55th Daytona 500, NASCAR's biggest racing event. Visitors will hear roaring engines, smell smoking tires and witness high-speed crashes. Tops divers compete in this 500-mile-long race, reaching speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour.

A Close Finish
In 1959, in the first Daytona 500 three cars were neck and neck as they flew past the checkered flag. Since race officials didn't have their own camera, they asked reporters for photos to determine the winner. The photos showed that Lee Petty had won the race by a few feet! He was declared the winner three days after the race. Ever since, cameras have been installed at the finish line.

Gaining Popularity
The race was first broadcast on national TV in 1979, giving many Americans their first exposure to stock car racing. Thousands of new fans quickly became hooked on this fast, loud and dangerous sport.

The 55th Daytona 500 is about to start. Drivers and fans alike are eager to hear the race's famous starting line "Gentlemen, start your engines!".

Grammar Gym:
" ..... giving many Americans their first exposure to stock car racing."
"first exposure to" = "first time to experience".
Sarah's concert last night was her first exposure to performing in public.
Jason's first exposure to cross-cultural communication was when he went on a study-abroad program.

Vocabulary Tips:
stock car -改装车,把旧车加以改装成跑车。拼装车。
stock -陈旧的,老套的,旧的。
*Hundreds of people gathered at the finish line, waiting for the champion of the stock car race. 终点。
witness (v) - see and has real experienced.见证,目击,亲眼看到的。
*Several people witnessed the accident.
witness (n) -person who witnessing.见证人。
*The witness identified the suspect at the police station.
"neck and neck" -race,competitors are very tight during the competition, hard to say who will be the winner until end.. 并驾齐驱
neck -脖子, "neck and neck" -脖子和脖子靠得很近,意即比赛,选手们表现和成绩“很接近”,“很贴近”。
*The two horses were running neck and neck during the race.
*The two candidates were neck and neck during the election campaign.
"become hooded on something "-被某样东西迷住了。
hood - grasp, addict to, bond by it.缠住,勾住,使动弹不得。迷住。
*I got hooked on the music of this famous band.
"ever since" - since then, something happen, something is changed, made difference from before.
install - put something in place.
alike - making similarity between driver and fans.
"get ready for something" - get ready for your day (start a day), for work, for change, for test....
nation - not local, is whole country, nation-wide.

Language Tips:
NASCAR -the National Association for Stock Car Racing.
prohibition (n)- prohibit 禁止。
prohibition of alcohol,  禁止喝酒,year 1933取消禁酒令,人们开始从事私酒运送, 把汽车改装成跑车,以求快速运达。漫漫的,改装车运送私酒为赛车取代,year 1948 NASCAR  全国性的改装车赛车大赛正式诞生。

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scientists Hope to Protect Seals by Understanding Their Sound Their Sound

Breaking the code of seal communication
海豹的聲音密碼 - 破解海豹溝通密碼

Scientists learning the snorty language of northern elephant seals are hoping to understand how the giant mammals use vocalizations to prevent costly fights and structure their colonies - and how we can keep the expanding population safe. Armed with microphones, researchers from UC Santa Cruz's Insitute of Marine Sciences have spent hundreds of hours on the brush-filled, windy dunes and beaches of Ano Nuevo State Park tracking more than 160 elephant seals and collecting some of their grumbly grunts and growls.

These are fascinating  animals, and they use sounds for really important parts of their lives, " said Brandon Southall, a marine scientist and UC Santa Cruz research associate who studies elephant seal communication.

Like showing who's boss Scientists think males use vocal calls to prevent fighting - much like smack-talk between two guys in a bar- since seals vocalize before coming to blows. Often, challenges are settled by the calls alone.

"It's striking how rare physical fights are," said Colleen Reichmuth, research director at UCSC's Pinniped Cognition and Sensory Systems Laboratory.  But when two males the size of a Ford Explorer fight, it's bloody and violent.

Once hunted to near-extinction, the northern elephant seals have rebounded. Now, scientists are concerned about the potential human impact on the growing population, and they hope that understanding the seals' communication and organization will help protect the bulbous-nosed cutie-pies.

"The more we can learn, the more we can predict how they'll respond to these types of encroachments and better protect them," said Caroline Casey, the project's field research coordinator. And as winter ends it might seem quiet during a visit to Ano Nuevo because most of the seals have left this favored breeding ground.

Make no mistake, though, they are among the loudest animals on land. Their calls can (be) as loud as a jackhammer, with frequencies low enough to vibrate the sand around them. To understand what all the fuss is about, Southall has been recording their rumblings from 3 feet away.

"It's kind of crazy to think you're so close to 4,000-pound males while they're trying to fight," he said. "You can feel it resonating in your chest and sinus cavities." The team found that each male has a unique call. " Caroline knows these individuals so well she can recognize them from the other side of the dunes," ROichmuth said of Casey.

One male, "3C." produces a measured series of clanging pulses. Another's call has the rhythm of a galloping horse. Other males sound like chainsaws, flamenco dances or shuffling a deck of cards. Some, like "3C," begin and end their calls with a special touch - " a snorty flourish," according to Reichmuth.

This season, scientists used a speaker to broadcast recorded elephant seal calls to specific males on the beach. One seal when hearing the recording turned around and sped away. Another charged the speaker. "We've had a few speakers run over," Reichmuth said.

The different responses indicate that the calls are important, and the next step is figuring out what's encoded in the grunty orations.  "There's no one thing about the sound that allows you to know whether it's a big male, or a dominant male, "Reichmuth said. When the seals return next winter, scientists will be there once more. "It's kind of addicting," Reichmuth said, "sometimes the people migrate back as well."

Grammar Tips:
"It's striking how rare physical fights are...."
"striking" - hit, when iron is hot we strike it. here means: "very noticeable".
something very strange or noticeable, you can use this word - "striking".
"The tourist found it striking that all the public bathrooms were so clean."
"She is very striking." - when a nice looking lady walk by get all people's attention.

Vocabulary Tips:
vocalization (n)-make sound from vocal core.发声,发声法。
vocal - 声音。
*Whales use vocalization to locate their schools.
vocalize (v)-use your voice to communicate, or just make noise.发声,说出。
*He couldn't vocalize his feelings because he was too shy.
grumbly -低吼
*The bear's grumbly growl scared the intruder.
grumble (v)-抱怨,发牢骚。(雷)隆隆声,怨言,喃喃抱怨。
*Vivian grumbled that she always has to help people with their workloads.
smack-talk : talk with some language that not suppose t use on others, humiliated people, try to gain some territories and show who's boss. 叫嚣,挑起争端,挑衅。
smack -一下子打人或甩打。
*Crazy fans exchanged smack-talk after the game. 互相挑衅。
* Leo's smack-talk on Facebook caused him a lot of troubles.
cognition - knowing. the process of mantle knowing and thinking.认知。
*The development of children's cognition can be enhanced by good stimulation.
*Philip's brain injury affected his cognition and memory.影响他的认知与记忆力。
snorty - make snore sound.
armed - carrying with with you. carry a weapon, here is carry microphones.
dune - a kind like mountain of sand.沙丘
grunt (n) grunts - 哼,(v)火鱼。诉怨,咕噜咕噜,不满之声。
growl (n) growls -犬吠声,怒吠,咆哮,鸣不平,隆隆声,抱怨,发牢骚。 (v) (犬)发出怒吠声)
fascinating - very interesting to something.
showing who's bass - showing who is in charge.
come to blows - get angry and start to a fight.
"the more...the more" - The more time spend in the zoo, the more animal I can see. The more study this, the more interesting I found.
bulbous (adj) - bulb , round shape. like light bulb.
rebound  -recover, regain.回升,重振旗鼓。(重音在第二节)
*The stock market rebounded yesterday after a week's poor performance.
rebound -反弹。(注意,重音在第一节)
encroachment - someone come up to your territory and take in charge of it. 侵犯,侵占,侵入。
*The range of rain-forests is gradually shrinking because of the encroachment of land development.
encroach (v) -接 (on) 
*Our neighbor's shed encroached on our land.
rumbling (n)-noise it's short but long and continue.隆隆声,(地震动发出的隆隆声,或打雷的隆隆声)或是 people discuss something, you heard the talk sound but not sure what they talk about it.
rumble -隆隆作响的。
*After living here for a while, I got used to the rumblings of the trains passing by.
*The rumbling of the thunder frightened the baby.
cavity  - hole, open area of inside of your body. 腔。
sinus cavity -鼻腔。
*The doctor looked at the patient's X-ray to make sure his chest cavity was clear.
cavity (n)-蛀牙。
*The cavity needs to be filled. 蛀牙需要填补。
Make no mistake - 小心,注意,没弄错。
"What's all the fuss about?" -当外面挤满了很多人或是有吵闹声,打架,争执等,你可以使用此句子。
resonating -回响,共鸣。
resonate -共鸣,共振,回响
resonating box -共鸣箱。
gallop (v) - horse run fast, horse fast running sound. 马匹奔驰 ,骑马奔驰。
*The race horses started to gallop once they heard the signal.
*The cowboy jumped on his horse and galloped away.
shuffle (v)- 洗牌。
*It's my turn to shuffle the cars.
*The dealer professionally shuffled the playing cards.
shuffle  -拖着脚走。走路时,脚跟不抬起来, 拖着脚跟走。
*Mom always reminds me not to shuffle when I walk. 走路脚跟抬起来,不要 拖着脚跟走
encode - creating a code.弄成密码,编成密码。 "en" -有“使成为”之意。
code - create something that only you know.密码,加密的。
*The confidential data were encoded. 机密质料被编上了密码。
*These encoded files are accessible only to be supervisors.编上了密码的档案只有。。。能取得。
decode - release or break the code. figure out what the code is.
oration - speech. 演说,演讲,口若悬河。
*The novelist's oration at the awards ceremony touched a lot of people.
*The speaker delivered an oration on the subject of single parents.
"special touch" - add more personal touch to it. add something special make it unique.
flourish - spread, sprout. flower blooming.欣欣向荣,兴旺,盛开。
charge (v)- attack, run at it very fast. 对着目标冲上去。
run over - step over, went over.
grunty - from "grunt", add "y" made it into "adj".
big male / dominant male -
big male - the size is huge, big.
dominant male - the male who is in charge.
addicting - addict - something you are very interested and have draw into it.  上瘾,着迷。

Language Tips:
the northern elephant seals -北方象鼻海豹。
elephant -(体型庞大如大象)
Ford Explorer -巨大的体型重量,可比福特的探险家野外重型车型。
trunk -象鼻子。北方象鼻海豹脸部也有如象般的鼻子。
whiskers -胡须,象和北方象鼻海豹都有胡须。
elephant seal -有都善于在水中游泳,因而有“象鼻海豹”
ma'am -对不认识,不熟的女士,称“ma'am ”。
nickname -小名,对很亲密的人,称呼他们的小名。如下:
Robert - can be called "Rob, or Bobby"
pet name -昵称,对更亲密的人的昵称。
darling -亲爱的。
sweetheart -甜心。
honey -蜜糖。
cutie-pie : 此称那些可爱的海豹们。
migrate -迁徙, 迁移。
Elephant seals migrate twice a year.
molt - take out of skin. 脱皮,脱(羽)毛,蛇脱皮,脱壳。
molt its skin.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013


The shortest month of the year has a lot to offer
二月的節日 - 一年當中最短的月份有許多節日活動.

In the West, February brings Valentine's Day to mind. Indeed, Americans alone exchange over 150 million Valentine's cards annually. In addition, over 58 million pounds of chocolate candy are sold around this celebration of love. Maybe that is why February is National Chocolate Lover's Month in the U.S.! In the East, people think of lunar New Year, which often occurs in February. Most return home to celebrate this important holiday with their families.

While Groundhog Day, February 2, would not count as an important holiday, people enjoy the fun. A groundhog or other furry creature predicts the coming of spring on this day. If it sees its shadow, people can expect six more weeks of winter! If it doesn't see its shadow, an early spring will come. 

February's flower is the violet, which represents faithfulness and humility. The amethyst, February's birthstone, represents sincerity. Every four years there is a February 29, but February still remains the shortest month. School children learn this through an English rhyme. 

30 days hath September, April, June and November. (hath=has)
All the rest have 31 excepting February alone,
which has 28 days clear and 29 in each Leap Year.

Grammar Tips:
".....February brings Valentine's Day to mind."
brings to mind - " makes people think of "
The mentioning of Paris brings the Eiffel Tower to mind.
To many Americans talking about Chinese food brings fortune cookies to mind.

Vocabulary Tips:
annually (adv.)- once a year, every year.每年一次的,每年的。
*Job performance is evaluated annually in this company.
annual- year. "annu" 年的。
annual budget -年度预算。
annual income -年薪。
in addition - add something more upon something just mentioned before.出。。之外,况且,前面有一个叙述,后面再加上一些补充。
*Peter is the head of three companies. In addition, he's also the chairman of many charity organizations.
predict - 预测,预料。"pre" -,“提早,事先” 之意。
* I'ts hard to predict which team will win the game.
prediction (n)-预言。
*The woman made a prediction about the date of the end of the world.
humility -humble.谦虚,谦逊。 She is very humble, she has a lot of humility.  If you said yourself is a humble person, you have no humility at all.
*The movie star's humility made his fans love him even more.
humiliate -侮辱,丢脸。
*The boy was beaten and humiliated by the bully for years. 。。。被恶霸殴打侮辱多年。
home - where you live or where you originally came from.
shadow / shade :
shadow - dark spot around you under the bright light.
shade - the shadow place of something from the sun, where is cooler. for example:a tree shade.
remain - still this way.
remainder - left over.
faithfulness - sincere, honor, you do what you say, do what you think is important.
amethyst - purple precious stone.

Language Tips:
chocolate lover -巧克力热爱者。
-aholic : 字尾出现“aholic”是指对某种事物的热爱, 某种癖好,沉溺于某种事物。
chocoholic -巧克力热爱者
alcoholic -(爱)好酒之徒,酒鬼,。
workaholic -工作狂热者,工作狂。
shopaholic -沉溺于购物,购物狂。

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Lunch?

Does buying one drink earn you a day of free Wi-Fi and air conditioning?
天底下真有白吃的午 餐? 買杯飲料就能享用整天免費 Wi-Fi 無線上網和吹冷氣?

It is a lunch time and Blaine is looking for a seat in a fast food restaurant. Suddenly, he sees his classmate Matt.

Blaine: Hey, Matt! What are you doing here?
Matt: Oh, hi, Blaine. I'm just doing some work and writing my blog.
Blaine: Do you mind if I join you? there aren't any other tables available.
Matt: Sure. Be careful you don't get hooked on my charger cable though.
Blaine: Thank you. So do you study here often?
Matt: Yeah, I'm here most days. It's a great way to save money on air conditioning and the restaurant has free Wi-Fi.
Blaine: Aren't you eating anything?
Matt: I had a drink earlier this morning. I'll probably eat something later.
Blaine: No offense, but it's pretty busy in here. Don't you feel guilty about taking up space for nothing?
Matt: No really. It's not like I NEVER buy anything here. I'm a loyal customer, and I eat here all the time.
Blaine: Yeah, but you're not a customer now. You are occupying space that paying customers need.
Matt: Anyone is welcome to come and share my table. You did. And besides, this is a fast food restaurant. Seating is first come, first served, and people who don't get seats do have other choices. They can get their food to go.
Blaine: I still feel like you're mooching off the restaurant.
Matt: IF they don't want people to stay awhile in the restaurant. why do they offer free Wi-Fi?
Blaine: Well, it's for paying customers.
Matt: That's what I'm  saying. I am a paying customer - I bought a drink. I'm also a regular. It's not like I'm trying to get a free lunch!
Blaine: But you only bought one drink, and you finished it a long time ago!
Matt: Are you saying you would be more comfortable with me siting here if I had a pile of trash stacked around me on the table?
 Blaine: I just don't think the purchase of one drink entitles you to hours of free Wi-Fi, seating and air condition.
Matt: If you think about it, though, the restaurant is already paying for Wi-Fi and air conditioning whether people are her or not. Frankly, using this table is more environmentally friendly than sitting at home running my air conditioner just for myself.
Blaine: That's all well and good but you are still inconveniencing other people when the restaurant is packed.
Matt: As far as I'm concerned, if my sitting here were a problem, the restaurant wouldn't offer services to bring me here.
Blaine: Well, I'm going to eat and get out so someone else can have my seat.

Grammar Tips:
"That's all well and good." -
***You are agreed with what saying but you want to share your different opinion."That's all well and good but...."
***Or you are not really agreed with, you have your own opinion, and you want to share what you are thinking. You can say "That's all well and good but...."
*** It's very important to let other people know what you disagree with and what is your opinion, but you don't want to offend people by share your disagree opinion, You can begin with  "That's all well and good, but....". 
*** But remember to be polite, you  need respect enough to hear what they said first, then you can say: "That's all well and good, but......" -

Vocabulary Tips:
hook (v) - something catches you, cause you fall or trapped over. 勾到,缠住,勾住。
*The worker hooked the ladder over the edge of the roof.
*Pamela hooked her arm around her husband's.
hook (n)- something desire for hanging things. 钩子。
*Britney hung her coat on the hook.
charger cable -充电器的(电)线。
charger -a device for something to have electric refill.充电器
*a battery charger -电池充电器。
* The charger cable is compatible with several brands of cell phones.
offense - against someone, make someone feeling bad or angry.冒犯,得罪。
no offense -无意冒犯。
*"Uh, no offense. I'm sorry that I was late this morning, but you're not my boss."
occupy -take place of something. Is this seat occupied? (Answer: seats taken, if you don't want to share.)
*The project occupies most of Charlie's time. He doesn't even have time to sleep.
*All the restrooms are occupied now. You have to wait in line.
preoccupied - before things happen, it already have taken of something else.
mooch (v) - take advantage off someone. ask for free things.
mooch off -占某人的便宜。  -占某人的便宜要用"off " 。
*Alex is 30 years old. He should leave home and stop mooching off his parents.
*Billy tried to mooch a free lunch off me.
*My sister mooch money off me.
mooch (n) - call someone who is always mooch off other people a mooch.占便宜,索取。
stack (v)-堆叠,堆成一叠一叠的。
*All the books were stacked neatly on the shelves.
*The workers used forklifts to stack the heavy boxes.
stack (n)- 一叠,一堆。
*The stacks of clothes on the floor are waiting to be sorted. 等着分类。
entitle - given some rights. entitled a bit of respect or opinion or something else. 职位或地位。
*entitle someone to something -某人享有某种特权。
* A membership entitles you to discount prices and free valet parking.
environment (n)-环境.
environmentally (adv) -环境地,环保地。有关环境,环保方面地。就环境,环保的考量。
environmental -*The plant is considered to be environmentally hazardous.
environmental  (adj) -环境的,环保的
environmental groups -环保的团体。
a regular - come all the time.
regular -(adj) as usual. very common.
regular/usual :
*I am a regular to this restaurant, I have the usual every time I visit.
free-lunch - get thing free. or get a free meal for lunch.
"are you saying..." - do you mean....?
stack something up - creating a pile of something.
stack up, stack around - pile up.
frankly - honestly, say something directly.
inconveniencing (v)- to cause  people not convenience (n) .
"as far as I'm concerned" - from my ankle, my opinion, my sight to look at, .my point of view.
take up space - take up a lot of space, take up too much space. occupy the place or space.

Language Tips:
First come, first served.-
The early bird gets the worm. -
You snooze, you lose.- snooze - take a nap. (Turtle  and Rabbit story)
The morning time has gold in its mouth.-
He who sleeps doesn't catch any fish.-
First to the mill gets to grind first.-
loiter - 消磨时间,混。take time talk with friend or surfing the website in a relax way. or not spend much money, occupy a space to drive customer away.
loiterer - loiter + er =消磨时间,混的人。
be considerate - 为他人着想。

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Margaret E. Knight

Meet a woman whose ingenuity still affects our lives today
大發明家瑪格麗特 E. 奈 特 - 來見識這位發明才能至今仍影響人類 生活的女性.

No one could have predicted that a baby girl born on February 14, 1838, in the cold northern state of Maine would revolutionize the world. Yet, that is what Margaret Knight did . She was not wealthy, received little education and lived at a time when women were not expected to accomplish much.

Nevertheless, Knight's intelligence, effort and  persistence enabled her to invent many devices with great significance for her own time and for our lives today. Knight lived during a time when factories were springing up all over the United States and manufacturing was booming. Her father died when she was 10 years old, so she like many young women of her day, began working in a textile  mill.

When she was 12, Knight witnessed an accident in which a component of one of the machines flew off, seriously injuring a worker. Horrified, she determined to devise a way to prevent such accidents in the future. Knight designed a safety feature that would stop the machines if something got caught in them. The device soon became common in textile mills and is still used in some factories to this day.

Although factories were eager to adopt her first invention, Knight did not receive much in the way of compensation for her effort. Because of her youth and her family's lack of education, Knight was unable to patent her safety device to earn a profit from selling it. But Knight did patent many of her later inventions, including one of her most enduring creations - a machine for producing flat-bottomed paper bags.

In Knight's day, paper bags were shaped like envelopes, which made them difficult to fill. While working at a paper bag factory, Knight conceived of bags with flat, rectangular bottoms that would be stronger and more practical. Then she endeavored to invent a machine that would manufacture them, and she succeeded. Knight's one machine could perform the work of 30 people, cutting, folding and gluing the bags together.

Knight worked for months to perfect her masterpiece, but when she applied for a patent, one was already on file! A man named Charles Annan had seen an early prototype of Knight's idea and had attempted to patent the machine as his own.

Knight insisted that the patent should be hers and ended up taking Annan to court. During the case, Annan argued that a woman would not be able to invent such a complex and innovative machine. But Knight provided evidence proving that the device rightfully belonged to her and received the patent in 1871.

Knight then founded the Eastern Paper Bag Company, a business that would utilize her new machines. But invention remained her primary work, and Knight didn't limit her ideas to a single industry. In her lifetime, Knight received at least 27 patents, and some sources claim she invented over eighty devices. These include several machines designed to help with shoe manufacturing, a numbering machine, a clasp, a skirt protector and several improvements to her paper bag machine. She continued inventing things into her sixties, even patenting some designs for rotary engines.

Knight died in 1914, and on her death one newspaper described her as a "woman Edison," At a time when women's intelligence was often underestimated, this mechanical genius proved that women too could develop innovative ideas that would shape the future of manufacturing.

Grammar Gym:
".....factories were springing up all over the United States."
"spring up " - "to appear and usually in a very quick way."
When the park was opened to the public, hotels and motels began to spring up nearby.
Shops and restaurants were springing up along the beach as the place became more popular.

Vocabulary Tips:
ingenuity -very creative in thinking. 独创性,别出心裁,发明的才能,创意。
*The girl showed ingenuity in her paintings.
*We were amazed by the artist's ingenuity.
persistence -坚持,毅力,契而不舎。
*The tennis player's persistence and hard work contributed to his success today.
persist (v) -坚持。
persist in -在那方面坚持用(in)。
*If you persist in that behavior, I'll take away your computer privileges.
textile mill -纺织工厂。
textile -纺织或纺织品。
mill - 工厂。
*Patrick used to work in a textile mill when he was young.
a steel mill -铁工厂。
a cotton mill -棉花工厂。
component - a piece or a part of something. parts (fancy word) 零件,成份。
*Fresh fruit and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet.。。 重要成份。
*Most of the car's components were made in Germany. 车零件。。。
revolutionize - change something for better. 改革,革新,革命。
nevertheless - despise, even so. something did not look good, still...
boom -a loud voice like thunder, here means something successful, growing, increase..
horrified - terrified. (emotional feel)
devise (v) vs. device (n) -
devise (v)- design, come out with something, create.
device (n) - an item. a product, a thing.
adopt - make it your own.
in the way of something - something as idea, experience or compensation.
compensation - get back in turn of what you give.报酬,津贴,补偿金。
*Nathan claimed compensation for his surgery. claim -申请。
*Ricky received $10,000 in compensation for his injury.
in ( someone's ) day - in her day, in my grandfather's day...在(某某人)那个年代。
conceive -pregnant, or some idea in mind.怀孕,也指构思,设想,孕育,酝酿。  "ceive" -有“接受”之意。
*The idea of platform computers was conceived many year ago.酝酿经年(以久)
*The novel's plot was conceived during a trip to Rome.
endeavor (v)- put afford to carry out the idea.尽力,努力。
*The CEO endeavored to save the company but failed.
endeavor (n)- 尽力,努力
*Helen's endeavors to win the case proved to be successful.
on file -already been recorded.存档的,有档案可查的。   "file" -档案。
*I'm sure my application is on file already.有记录可查了。
*You should keep this document on file for future reference.未来的参考
prototype - 原型,原形,标准,模范。
patent - give you rights to protect the product, work or invention idea who created or made.专利。
copyright - same idea as patent to protect singer, writer, composer etc works.  版权。
innovative -create, inventing new things.创新,革新,有创新精神的。
*The innovative design of this computer system won several international awards.
innovation (n)- 改革,新的方法。
*an innovation of telecommunications.- 电信通讯的创新之举。
utilize (v)-to put something to use.使用,利用,运用。 "uti" -有“使用”之意。
*The power plant utilizes wind power to generate electricity.
utilization -使用,利用,运用
*Howard is skilled in the utilization of different kinds of software.。。 利用不同的软体非常得心应手。
clasp - bring two things connect  together.栓扣,扣子。
*The belt's clasp was handmade.皮带的栓扣。。
clasp -紧握(手),紧紧地拥抱。
*The host of the banquet gave me a warm clasp when he greeted me.
under -在。。之下。
estimate -评估,估计,估价。
underestimate - give low estimate. 低估。
*Never underestimate the influence of the media.。。。地估了媒体的影响力。
underestimation (n)-低估
*The underestimation of the raw materials' price caused serious problems.
claim - says that is yours.

Language Tips:
Margaret Knight received little education.
little education - 一点点,几乎没有。。。
a little education - 一些些,还有些。。。
a little / little - (a little 正面)/(little 负面
a little -有一点。有一些,比较乐观的想法或看法。
I have a little money. 我有一点钱。
little - 没什么,根本就没有,很少一点点,有等于无。
I have little money. 我没什么钱。
a few / few -(a few 正面)/(few 负面)
a few -不少,有一些。
A few friends came to see him.有些朋友来看他。
few -没什么,几乎没有。
Few friends came to see him.-几乎没什么朋友来看他。
eager/anxious -渴望的,迫不及待的。
eager -比较正面,渴望,巴望。。
anxious -较负面,带有忧虑,焦虑的巴望,渴望。from "anxiety".
anxiety -焦虑。
I'm anxious to see my son. (when he is not home when he should be).孩子在该回家时不见人影,是焦虑的盼望,渴望。
I'm eager to see my friends.一般没什么特殊关系,特殊事情,都用"eager",而不用“ anxious”,避免混肴。
Not say: " I'm anxious to see my friends" unless in some specific situation.
a woman Edison - 比喻为女爱迪生。
allusion -运用文学典故,或历史背景,来比喻。
illusion - 假象。
allusion - 运用文学典故,可用历史知名人士或发生的历史著名的战事,史事来比喻。
Waterloo - 滑铁卢即是一例,提到滑铁卢就会连想起拿破仑的最后一战。

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Lunar New Year in Washington, D.C.

 A celebration of traditions
華盛頓特區歡慶農曆新年 - 慶祝傳統

Gongs and drums, dragon dances and kung fu demonstrations. You could imagine you were somewhere in Asia celebrating the Lunar New Year. But this is Washington, D.C., the United States capital. A Chinese New Year's parade and festival take place here every year. People must work and go to school, so this holiday could be neglected. But in D.C., a large number of Chinese keep the holiday traditions alive.

The parade in Chinatown is the most memorable part. Different groups from the Chinese community participate in  a variety of activities - martial arts, ribbon dances, traditional drums and tai chi. Hundreds of tourists flock to view this parade. Lanterns and red envelopes are given away.

The mall is also impressive during this time. For two weeks, the mall lobby is decorated with spring-festival couplets and red lanterns. Different kinds of entertainment go on every day - Chinese and Cantonese music performances, acrobatics, Chinese calligraphy, and traditional dances. All are the essence of Chinese culture Parents take their children shopping and let them enjoy this exhibition of a great culture.

Students at Saturday morning Chinese schools celebrate Lunar New Year a different way. Not every child enjoys learning Chinese because it is more difficult than English. But Chinese parents still encourage them to learn the language and culture.

To celebrate, the students do Chinese calligraphy and paper cuttings of "spring" or "fortune."  The feast on New Years  Eve is very important. People crowd Asian supermarkets for weeks before the celebration. Especially popular are traditional foods like sticky rice cake, fish, oranges and dumplings. 

Chinese restaurants provide takeout service, or people can reserve a table and eat there. After the feast, parents put money in red envelopes and give them to their children. The custom of staying up late doesn't apply here because work and school are waiting the next morning. Children are in bed. No loud firecrackers. No phone calls of "Gong Xi Fa Tsai. " (恭喜发财 ) This is Lunar New Year in D.C. The best part is celebrating with family. Happy New Year everyone!

Grammar Gym:
*People crowd Asian supermarkets for weeks before the celebration. Especially popular are traditional foods like sticky rice cake, fish oranges and dumplings.
= Traditional food like sticky rice cake, fish , oranges and dumplings are especially popular.
"write a sentence that you want to bring things up in specific detail.  Switch the sentence in reversed way."
This snack shop is famous for its desserts. Especially delicious are the pies.
There are many trails in this national park. Especially beautiful is the trail to the waterfall.

Vocabulary Tips:
demonstration -teach or show people how. represent. 实地示范,证明。
*Mary's cooking demonstration on TV helped the sales of our frying pan rise by 15%.
demonstrate (v)- show how to do it.示范。
*The mechanic demonstrated how to replace the tires.。。。示范如何更换轮胎。
neglect -not get attention. I feel neglect.忽略,忽视。或是“疏于照顾”
*Jason put all his time into his work and neglected his family.
*The boy was neglected by his parents and didn't even go to school. 疏于照顾。
essence - very important part of something.元素,本质,精髓。(不可数)
*The essence of the doctor's theory is that learning should be inspired from within.博士论文的精髓。。
*The essence of this novel is the greed of human beings小说的.精髓。或使最想要叙述的。。。
exhibition (n)- display. show.展示,展览。
*The exhibition of Morel's paintings will start next month.
exhibit -展示,展览,单独的展示品。
*Exhibit No.1 is a vase from the Ming Dynasty. 一号展示品是明朝的古花瓶。
Lunar - something to do with moon. 旧历年。
keep something alive - don't let it die, or don't let it be forgotten. 使其精神永在。。
lobby - a large open area.
*This hotel serve coffee at its lobby.
lantern (n) -中国的大红灯笼。
acrobatics -中国的杂技表演,卖艺者的,惊险表演。 
calligraphy -中国的书法。笔迹,墨宝,缮写。
couplets - 对联。(中国新年的习俗挂对联或春联在门两边)
spring couplets. 春联。
crowd (n) - whole bunch of people. 一群,群众。
crowd (v) -pack of people. Don't crowd in this area - don't spent too much time here. 拥挤,将某处塞满。挤满。
crowded (adj)- full of people. 很拥挤的。
*Movie fans crowded (v) the theater at the premier.
*Passengers crowd (v) the buses during rush hours.
takeout  - take food to go. 外带的,外卖的。
*I asked the server to give me the takeout menu.
* Let' get takeout tonight.
* Mom will buy takeout pizza for dinner.
takeout -外卖店,外卖食物。
*The couple runs a Chinese takeout.
The custom of staying up late doesn't apply here.
apply - fit in, suitable.适用,适合。
*The rule only applies to official employees, not the part-time staff.
firecracker -鞭炮。
*The firecracker didn't go off at first, but after a few minutes it suddenly went bang. 突然“轰”发出声响。
firecracker (adj)- very energetic. 
*He is very firecracker.
fireworks -烟火。
*The fireworks were lit according to our careful calculations.
fortune - good luck, blessed, rich in money.福,幸运,财富。
He make a fortune - he has a lot of money.
sticky rice cake - the cake made of with very sticky rice.年糕。
stay up late - stay up not go to bed at normal time. 此指“新年守岁”。
artistic - people very talented in craft art. you can say that person is very artistic.

Language Tips:
capital -首都,首府。
Washington. D.C. -美国的首府,首都。国家的首都,首府。
capital -州也有州的首都,首府。州的首都。
Albany -是纽约州的首都,首府。
capital -工业或活动重镇。
the fashion capital of the world.(巴黎)时时尚之都。
capitol -指美国国会大厦。
the Capitol -美国国会大厦。
capital /capitol -发音相同但意思不同。拼法也不同,(tal),(tol).
"ABC" - American-born Chinese. 美国出生的中国人。
immigrate - not born in America, move in by one'self or with family member and became an American.移民过来的,移民。

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's New at the Zoo

Many zoos offer much more than just a quick look at animal life
許多動物園不只是讓遊客一瞥動物生 活而已.

Where can you peer at a giraffe or marvel at an elephant without taking a trip to Africa? At a zoo, of course. Zoos give people a chance to get up close to animals from every continent in the world. But zoos that offer more than just a chance to see animals are worth seeking out.

Singapore Zoo
At Singapore Zoo, enjoy breakfast while a family of orangutans sits nearby enjoying theirs. A zookeeper tells the breakfast crowd about each member of the family. Or join the Wild Discoverer tour for an in-deph look at some of the animal residents. Learn how the zoo cares for its insects or reptiles, or watch the feeding of the baboons.

Night Safari
Next door lies Night Safari, which offers a glimpse of what nocturnal animals do during their "day." Take the tram to East Lodge. Then walk the Leopard Trail to see a collection of animals from the giant flying squirrel to the Asian otter. You can also gaze at the amazing leopards and elusive clouded leopard through the windows of their enclosed habitat.

The Philadelphia Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo, America's first zoo, has attempted to recreate the traveling that animals do in the wild. The Treetop Trail, a 700-foot, elevated passageway allows monkeys to "wander" outside their enclosure. The Great Ape Trail, also above park visitors' heads, allows the orangutans to see over large areas of the park. The trails provide engaging experiences for the animals and allow people to observe the animals in new ways. Additional trails are planned. Children 1 to 11 can have a memorable birthday party at the zoo featuring a fun and educational presentation.

The Bronx Zoo
The Bronx Zoo in New York City houses 6,000 animals and work to save wildlife and wild places. Those who want to sleep with zebras have a chance at this zoo. Special overnight safaris allow families to camp out on the zoo grounds and meet some amazing animal guests. The Congo Gorilla Forest allows visitors a look into the heart of Africa. Watch more than 20 lowland gorillas romp among the trees.

The Taronga Zoo
The Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Australia, offers special animal encounters. Visitors can see a koala up close, feed a giraffe or hold a reptile. For those who want to learn what it's like to work at a zoo, Taronga offers a "Keeper for A Day" program for anyone over 18 years old. Participants help prepare food, clean exhibits and learn about animal care.

The San Diego Zoo
At Southern California's San Diego Zoo, animals dwell in natural-looking areas. Wildlife photography lovers can take a class to learn the secrets of photographing animals. The zoo's backstage pass program offers people opportunities to meet a cheetah or feed a rhino. Zookeepers also teach people how to talk to the animals so they will talk back! Before  the zoo opens, people can join Sunrise Surprise Strolls to get the latest updates on the animals and special happenings. Who knows what those may be!

Don't miss the chance to visit one of these zoos and enjoy wildlife in a new way!

Grammar Gym:
".... a glimpse of what nocturnal animals do during their "day."
" day " - the word in the quotation mark has special meaning. Playing with the word, make the work has different meaning from the original. 
How could Mr. Goodman not be "good" to anybody?
Elaine has so many pairs of shoes; I'm sure she really "need" another pair.

Vocabulary Tips:what's new? - how is this? something new?
offer (v) - willing to give . (n) - promotion offers. 提供
peer - someone is equal to me. (v) catch a sight of something, take look, see. stare at. 凝视,凝神,盯着看。
*The old lady peered into the window trying to see the price of the dress.
*He spent hours peering at the computer monitor without moving.
seek out - to look for, seek someone for ask a question or get advice.
zookeeper - who is working at zoo and take care of animals.
in-deep look - deeply look.
resident -someone or animal live at certain place. - where do you reside/where do live?
marvel - amazed. 不及物动词,要加“介系词”。
*Hilary and I marveled at the movie's special effects.
*We marveled at the artist's talent.
elusive -hard to catch, easily escaped. 巧妙的逃避,容易闪避的,难捉摸的,令人困惑的。
*The police tried to catch an elusive criminal through his acquaintance. 通过他的同僚抓住这难捉拿的犯人。
*It seems like taxis in New York are elusive during rush hour.
close - 关闭
enclose -"en" -使“如何”,围住,圈住,关闭住。
*The mental institution was enclosed by a high fence.
*The village was enclosed by mountains.
recreate - "re" -有“再一次”之意。重新。 create -创造,
recreate -重现,重建 rebuild。
*The stage was designed to recreate a medieval castle.
*Wesley is trying to recreate his life after the tragedy.
elevate -raise up。 升高,提高,高架。
elevated (adj)-elevate过去式,当形容词是提高的,高架的。
*an elevated highway.-高架公路
*an elevated railway.高架铁路。
*The elevated platform on the stage collapsed during the performance.高架的表演台子。
overnight (adj)- night, spend the night.晚上的,整晚的。夜间。
*Timothy took an overnight train to Chicago.
*The fare of an overnight flight is cheaper.
*Marinate the beef overnight. 牛肉腌过夜。
glimpse - take a look in a very short time.just caught a look
a glimpse of something.
* I didn't see the whole thing, only got a glimpse.
reptile - kind of animal with cold blood.
romp (v) -move very quickly but not move smoothly. playing with fund.戏弄,玩弄
*The kids are romping about on the playground.
romp (n)-戏耍,,嬉戏,。
*His romp through the woods was fun.
encounter - contact with someone or something at first time, came into...接触,遇见。
*We had a close encounter with a bison in Yellowstone National Park.
*My first encounter with pop music was through my older sister.
participant  (n)-who take part of something.参与者,参加者。
*All the participants of the training are required to attend the opening ceremony.
participate (v) -参与。
Eddy participated in last week's protest.
dwell (v) - stay for a long time, or live in ....
dwelling (n) - a place to live or stay.
*This kind of butterfly only dwells  in Taiwan.
dwell  (v)- 过去式有二种拼法。dwelled or dwelt.
*The couple dwelled in Bangkok for two years.
update (n) - the most new of something. 最新的消息,最近的情况。
*The boss asked for a sales update this morning.
*Susan turned on the radio to listen to the weather update.
update (v) - provide the most new condition.提供最新的状况。
*We'll update you about the latest development of the storm in a minute.
engaging - very active in something.
You are engaging in something. -something is very interested to you, bring you attention and make you very active in that.
presentation - show, someone present to you, plan a program to give out information or show people.
house (n) -发音房屋。(shouse (v) -发音(z)提供住宿,接待。
up close - very close, just up there.
exhibits - display area. here refer to the enclose place where animals live at.
care (v)- care my garden. (n) - animal care.
backstage - behind the scene. 後台。
Cheetah - big cat.

Language Tips:
flock -一群。一群人。
a flock of sheep.一群羊。
herd -一群
a herd of cows.一群牛。
a herd of elephants.一群象
pack -一群
school -一群
a school of fish.一群鱼
pride -一群
a pride of lions.一群狮子
congress -一群
a congress of baboons.一群狒狒。
He is sitting on the ground.
ground -earth. 地面,
grounds -site. place.学校,建筑物,公园等拥有地。
The school grounds -校园
The camp grounds -营地
private grounds -私有土地。
zoo grounds -动物园。
grounds -reason.理由。
He resigned on the grounds of ill health.。。因病而辞职。
grounds - the bottom of the coffee.
coffee grounds.-咖啡渣。
Keeper (n)- who is take care of someone or something.
bookkeeper -记账员。
goalkeeper - (sport) 守门者。
housekeeper -管家
peacekeeper -和平维护者。
zookeeper -动物园里的管理员。
"my brother's keeper" -  came from the Bible : " I know not. Am I my brother's keeper?"出处于申经: 神问该隐被他杀掉的弟弟在那里?该隐回答说:我不知道,我岂是我弟弟的看护者?
my brother's keeper -指“有责任去照顾有患难的兄弟们。”
I'm not my brother's keeper.-兄弟们已能自立,不需要我的看顾了。

Taking notes of study "Studio Classroom".

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Traveling on a Shoestring

Tips to spend less on your trips
低價旅遊 - 花少錢享受旅遊樂趣的妙方

These days when you go on vacation, you spend most of your money just getting to your destination! Travel is expensive, but don't stay home due to a small budget! Here are some ways you can cut costs and still enjoy a trip:

*** Travel during off-season if possible. Flights and hotels are significantly cheaper when tourism is low.

*** Choose a hotel that's a little farther from popular attractions. If you're staying several days, check out prices on hostels or vacation homes - both can end up being cheaper than a hotel in the long run.

*** Lock for deals on metro or subway passes for your destination. A day pass will pay for itself if you use mass transportation instead of taking cabs.

*** Plan your meals, and eat like a local. Don't waste money at expensive hotel restaurants or fast-food chains. Depending on where you stay it may be cheaper to by your own groceries.

*** Check online for special rates - if you're a student, a senior citizen, or traveling with children, you could qualify for discounts! A little research could save you a lot of money.

Whether you're backpacking alone or going on a family vacation, your trip doesn't have to break the bank. The key is to plan ahead and track what you spend. Then put the money you save toward your next trip!

Grammar Gym:
A little research could save you a lot of money.
(A little of something could save something else bigger. watch: there is no verb in the sentence.)
A smile could save you a lot of time and energy when you need to ask for a favor.
A quick phone call to confirm your flight could save you a lot of headaches at the airport.

Vocabulary Tips:
shoestring - strings to keep the shoe tight. thin, low cost.鞋带,(也指很便宜,或是低廉的)
on a shoestring - very small budget, thin like shoestring.一点点钱 或资金。
*He started his ice-cream shop on a shoestring. 他用很少的钱开了一家。。
on a shoestring -拮据
*The family lives on a shoestring 。。。生活得很拮据。
off -使离开。
off-season : 淡季,商业或旅游业的淡季,或是运动结赛季节。
* I bought my air conditioner during the off-season.
high season - 旺季。
*The high season rate of a double room costs over $200 per night.
pay for itself - really worth that much, get back the money what you spend. 回本,回收。
*It might seem like it cost a lot when you bought the vending machine, but it will pay for itself within one year.
*The TV commercial sure paid for itself. Sales tripled in a month. 电视广告很够本,者个月销售额增长了三倍。值回票价。
qualify - meet some requirement, or you have certain criteria or certain abilities.有资格,或使合格。
*The training will qualify you to do CPR.
*One people who have a bachelor's degree are qualified for this position.
these days - refer to the current time.
significantly - big different, cheaper, or faster or easier or more expensive etc.显著地。
attractions (n)- something attracting you, you can go and have fun.
hostel - a place for people to stay over night, there are many beds in a room, people need to share a room and one bathroom with others.
in the long run - for a long period of time, in future.
rate vs. price - rate: the cost for unit, or the way charge for the current time. price: dollar amount of the cost.

Chat Room:
senior citizen -资深公民。年纪大的公民。
senior -资深,前辈。美国人统称 “old person”,“ aged person” 为“senior”.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Strong Foundation

Successful businesses are built to grow
事業的穩健基礎 - 成功的事業,成長蒸蒸日上.

Ben: Hi, uncle Bob!
Uncle Bob: Hi, Ben. How's the new business coming along?
Ben: Well, we've finished the business plan, but honestly I have no idea how we're going to make it a reality. There are so many things to do. I don't know how I'll ever get them all done.
Uncle BobYou don't have to do it all yourself, Ben.
Ben: But I don't, who will?
Uncle Bob: It is your company and your responsibility to ensure all the work gets done, but that doesn't mean you have to accomplish everything yourself. The reality is that you want your business to grow, you must hand over responsibility to other people at some point.
Ben: Are you saying I should hire employees?
Uncle Bob: Not exactly. I'm saying that as you build your business you need to build an organization and is processes of operation.
Ben: How do I do that?
Uncle Bob: Well, there are many different aspects to a business, like supply, production, sales and accounting.
Ben:That's exactly my problem!
Uncle Bob: If you were just self-employed, it would be your job to do all those things. As the head of an organization, your business, your job is ultimately to find ways to get those things done - but not do all the work yourself.
Ben: So I don't need to do everything myself; I just need to make sure everything gets done?
Uncle Bob: Exactly. That could mean hiring employees, but it might also mean getting an accountant to help keep the books. Then again, it could mean finding partner companies to outsource certain tasks to.
Ben: How do I do that?
Uncle Bob: I would start by checking out government programs that help small businesses. You should also look at any business incubators in your areas.
Ben: What a business incubator?
Uncle Bob: It's a business or non-profit organization that fosters the development of new companies.
Generally, a business incubator provides things like consulting, office space, administrative assistance and financing to help new companies until they can operate on their own.
Ben: That sounds fantastic!
Uncle Bob: For many companies it is.Be careful though. Some programs charge fees, and incubator firms often seek equity in the companies they help.
Ben: So if I take a firm's help, it will own part of my company?
Uncle Bob: That's the idea. It invests in your company in hopes that your success will turn a profit for them as well.
Ben: I guess there is no free lunch.
Uncle Ben: Except  at my house. let's get something to eat.
Ben: That sounds great.

Grammar Gym:
"That's the idea." - you get the point.
A: So if we follow the plan, we'll first hike up the mountain and then eat lunch there.
B: Yes, that's the idea.
A: By participating in the charitable event, sponsors could also get free publicity, right?
B: That's the idea.

Vocabulary Tips:
ensure - make it for sure.保证,确保。 "en" - “有使如何之意” 。
*This mattress can ensure a good night's sleep. (+字句)
*No systems can ensure that every customer's personal information is completely secure. (ensure+ that +字句)
hand over - give it over. 移交,交付。
hand over something to someone. hand over to someone. 给谁用“to ”。
*The boss handed over part of his responsibilities to his younger brother.
hand over -交给某人。
*Ray took out the file and handed it over to his colleague.同事
accounting - (不可数n)会计,会计学。
*There's a job vacancy in our accounting department.
*All the accounting records are filed under ACCT.
accountant -会计师
ultimate - 最后,最终。基本的,根本的。来源,基础。终极。
*Ultimate Reality (n)- 上帝。
ultimately -最后地,终极地,终结地。
*No matter what our conclusions are, the boss ultimately is the one who decides.老板是最后拍板决定的人。
*Ultimately, the new version of this smart phone is not that different from the previous one. 基本上。。。
reality - become true.
aspect - ankle, side, direction.方位,角度。。
delegate- give task to others. n.代理人。 v.分派,派遣,指派,分配工作给某人。。
delegacy (n) -代表派遣制,派遣代表,代表团。
outsource -外包,委外生产。signing,giving out to outside the companies.
out -有‘向外“之意。
source -资源。
*The company outsourced their customer service department to a company in India.
*Outsourcing the designs can lower our production cost.
administrative (adj) / administration (n) - in control, making all decisions.行政的,管理的/行政,管理。(重音在mi)
*Frank is not good at administrative jobs.
administer -管理或执行。
*It's not an easy task to administer such a corporation. 管理这样一个公司不是一件容易的事情。
equity -公正,公平。
equity -stock, share, portion of property.股票,股份。
*When George retired, he sold his equity in the company.
*Sam's portfolio includes equities and bonds.投资组合中有股票和债卷。
free lunch -免费的午餐。nothing is free, someone eventually will pay for it.
*There's no such thing as a free lunch in show business. I get to go to Japan for 5 days, but I also have to do a presentation in our branch office.
* Well, there's no such thing as a free lunch.天下无白吃的午餐。
keep the books - accounting and bookkeeping to keep all transactions in record.
consulting - providing help, or giving advice
firm - company, organization.
in hopes that - hoping something will happen.
turn profit - make money.
publicity - 闻名,公布,宣传,广告,当众公开的场面。
incubator - (重音在第一节)孵卵器,细菌培养器,早产婴儿保育器。(投资,培育小企业而对小企业提供各种帮助的公司企业组织团体或人。)

Language Tips:
employee - 雇员。
verb + "ee" = whoever take in or received.
employ -雇用。
verb + "er, or " = whoever give out or provide.
train /trainee/ trainer -训练/接受受训的人/教导训练的人。
exam / examinee / examiner -考试/接受考试的人/监考官。
Watch: Not very verb work this way, for example:
murder -谋杀。
murderer -杀人犯。
but we don't use murder+"ee" for someone has been murdered. We call "victim".
non-profit organization - 非营利组织,非营利机构。
profit -利润。
non-profit :非营利,无利润。
charities -charitable organization. 慈善机构。
charity (不可数n)-慈善行为,周济,布施。救济。
charity begins at home -(谚语)慈善从自家开始,要先照顾好家人,再慈善别人。即“修身齐家,博爱天下。”

Taking notes of study "Studio Classroom".